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Consider This Obvious Fact: “There is always room for improvement Even In Your Current Business…”

So All Things Rightly Done, Your Current Business Is Worth Additional ₦10Million – ₦750Million A Year Windfall Profit… Without extra cost, risk, stress or investment from you. And Am Going To Prove It To You.

Strongly Consider the possibility that there ARE much better ways to grow your business, Raise Funding for various business projects, Get More Customers, Grow Your Revenues & Profit, Maximize Your Productivity, Outsource Business Operations, leverage your opportunities, and deliver more value to your customers and clients – faster, safer, and more predictably!


I Want To Personally Train and Help 4,700 Business Owners To;

  1. Create Their Own Legal, Valid And Acceptable Currencies
  2. Get Instant #10 Million – # 750 million Per Annum Business contract
  3. Find a Cash Windfall of $10,000 to $1,000,000–You Never Knew You Had.
  4. Get paid “special minimum wage” starting from…. # 470,000 per month with Trade Exchange

…..And Other Benefits

Am not asking you to learn a new course or get a  new degree, in fact it’s the opposite. Am simply helping you WIN a business contract based on your current business. No disruption or abandoning your current business, but rather a supplementary to your business.

The ONLY condition is for you to get access to  the Trade Exchange Exclusive Business Platform where you get trained and enjoy constant support to help you IMPLEMENT the TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAGE in your current business . Nothing more!!!  Am simply going to help you amplify, optimize and monetize your current business.

Here is the truth, i could easily create a 24 module video series loaded with hot air and infocrap like the so called experts and gurus do, but i won’t. The last thing you need right now is another info overload. Besides, that’s not why you are here you need results FAST and not mere education.

Acquisition of Knowledge is not as important as APPLICATION of knowledge if you would ever get a significant result in your business.

I only train and work with adults, not kids.  Kids want to know how everything works Adults simply needs results —fast

The Trade Exchange training is 91% Action i.e implementation and 9% teaching. You learn more and get better results by doing and not by cramming

In this program my focus is on showing you what works for me and my clients and helping you gain knowledge, develop the confidence to live your life without ever worrying about lack of cash again.

I frequently get asked to be a direct consultant/adviser to SME’s, Investors, Professionals, Large companies, Systematically Adding, Fortifying, Replacing Underperforming: efforts, activities, expenditures with far higher-yielding/lower cost superior replacement approaches…

The Trade Exchange Leverage Training Is the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap for Starting & Growing Your Company/Business Without Using Your Own Cash… No Matter What Business/Industry You’re In”.

The Ultimate Solution For Anyone To Prosper In This Terrible Buhari Economy

In Nigeria today, Many of us are being crushed financially between the jaws of a deadly vise. On one side, poor economy, unemployment, low minimum wage, foreign competition and other economic maladies limit our ability to earn more. On the other side, our own government, through direct and indirect taxation, “politricks“, inflation, regulation, and other ruinous economic policies, makes the Naira we receive worth less and less.

Caught between these two jaws, we suddenly realize that we are not living as well as we thought we would. We are not enjoying life as much as we thought we should. The harder you work the less result you see in your business. We are in a rat-race…. and the rats keep winning. No matter what you do or earn, your expenses keeps going up and making a nonsense of your hard work and income. Saving money for future use is heavily thwarted by ever increasing and predictable constant cash consuming expenses! Complaining about Buhari, Economy, Unemployment, Lack of Infrastructure, High Inflation, Exchange Rate, Politicians or NEPA won’t solve ANY thing. But what can we do?

Use Trade Exchange Leverage

.I Want To Create 4,700 “Trade Exchange Leverage Preferred Entrepreneurs”  This Year… With legally binding and Totally Profitable Business Contracts Starting From N10 million To N950 Million Per annum and you can always renew the contracts every year!

By this, I mean 4700 hot, fired-up and action-ready, 7 or 9 figure entrepreneurs whose businesses will be transformed FOREVER and remain profitable using the TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAGE.

But it isn’t for everybody (the fire has to be inside you first).

– Do you STILL have your spark of entrepreneurial fire inside you? (Or has the Nigerian system totally killed it, such that you can’t even imagine being an entrepreneur these days? If this is you, I’m sorry, I can’t help you)

– Do you desire to live life on your own terms? (Or are you already addicted to being the office zombie, paying for you employer’s lifestyle, while you remain underpaid, overworked, and overwhelmed?)

(Right now, you may even be a well-paid but time-starved employee in a “big firm”)

– Do you long for freedom? To meet you former employer on vacation, because you can now afford it?

But Here’s the flat out truth of the matter…

     If you’re looking for the next shiny, push-button, fully-automated, get-rich-quick overnight scheme… what I teach is definitely NOT for you…IF U ARE  A REFUND ARTIST AND TRUST ME I KNOW WHO U ARE….PLEASE DON’T BOTHER SIGNING UP!

     There’s a few million other places online you can go for that…

     But if you’re truly seeking an honest and completely legitimate way to earn serious money…and willing to ADD VALUE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS while getting rewarded FOR your ADDED VALUE

     …in a totally untapped and overlooked marketplace…

     …in an “alternate business reality” that is unlike anything else you’ve ever tried…

     …in an obscenely profitable business that can put a steady stream of income in your pocket on an ongoing basis…

    …with a new skill-set that will allow you to KEEP much more of what you earn…

    …Willing and able to invest a reasonable amount of money to get you the result you desire and deserve…

If that sounds like something for you… then please read on and note this final point!

This is not a fly by night opportunity where you are asked to invest $10 and wake up a  Million Dollars richer the next day! To get premium value, you must be able to afford a good sum for investment! To give you a hint: Clients pay me a retainers fees of $ 35,500 per project to help them generate extra revenue start from N10 million to over N750 Million every year!

I have created the The Trade Exchange Leverage – Ultimate Business Solution  for starting, growing and expanding ANY business without worrying about the CASH COST.  This is unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen in your life.


I want to give you the complete tool and skill set you need to actually make your business more profitable -even in a terrible economy. If your business is stuck, Not getting adequate customers, underperforming its potential, or you need a hyper-growth, exponential profit-multiplying strategy, don’t be despair cos solution is here!

♦ No. I’m content to just read the e-Book & keep stumbling my way to success (I know it will be hard, but I will take my chances)