Trade Exchange Leverage Is The Most Cost Effective Way To Market Your Business & I Will Teach You Exactly How To Make The Most Of It

The fastest way to grow your business without CASH


The Trade Exchange Leverage Exposes and gives your business access to ever growing network of qualified businesses and services to save money, move excess capacity, convert downtime into productivity, reward employees, save cash and increase buying power.

Use Trade Exchange Leverage In Your Business To:

  • Increase Your Business Profitability
  • Increase Sales and Obtain a New Customer Base
  • Sell Off Excess Slow or Old Inventory
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Improve Employee Morale and Retention
  • Expand Distribution Channels
  • Gain Enviable And Unmatched Competitive Edge
  • Increase Business Sales Revenue And Profit
  • Expand Marketing and Advertising
  • Win cash contracts
  • Leaseback equipment
  • Expand your product line
  • Gain Exposure to new national and international markets
  • Purchase value added benefits to entice new customers
  • Fund capital growth
  • Build business networks
  • Reduce Cost and Overhead
  • Pamper Yourself and Improve Your Quality of Life

Plus more benefits!


Experience a massive influx of hungry new buyers and reach them all without increasing your advertising budget, rather increase your MARKET TARGET.

Now You Can Do Your Mass Media Marketing On Tv, Radio, Newspaper, Mobile, Billboards, Yellow Pages Or Google™, Yahoo, Msn And Every Other Search Engine with This System At Zero Cash Cost To You.

Note: This “Strategy” Alone Could Be Worth Millions Of Dollars To You… And It’s Never Been Published Before!

What You Will Learn

Some Top Benefits Of The Trade Exchange Leverage To Your Business. This Trade Exchange Leverage is 100% GUARANTEED to enable you to achieve the following;


Sell off all your products, services, businesses, and properties in 24 hours. Whether your product inventory is worth $100,000, $100 Million, $1 Billion or more, it does not matter. You can achieve your one-year sales goal in 24 hours.


Increase your company revenue and profits by 1,000% to 10,000% or 10 to100 times FASTER, in 30 days, with no risk, no effort, no extra expense, and no extra investment whatsoever on your part than in the last 365 days COMBINED


Secure any amount of financing (Business Loan). From $10,000 to even $100,000,000 without collateral security. No credit check is required. No endless paperwork to fill out


Get up to 90% discount on all your purchases. In other words, you can now get a discount of up to 90% on almost every product or service you buy.


Reduce expenses by 90% without reducing expenditure items.


Recoup all the debt owed. Your organization or even debt you have written off your company books as bad debts within 24 hours, without legal hassles.


FOR CREDITOR ORGANIZATIONS: Collect bad debt the easy way. Recoup bad debts and convert toxic assets into cash flow streams in only 24 hours without the need for litigation, without using a solicitor, a debt recovery agency, or other hassle-full solutions. Convert your bad assets into immediate cash flow and profit streams in 24 hours.

You can sell off your bad loans at or above their book value for immediate profit in such a way that also allows you to benefit (profit) from any increase in the value of those assets in the future.


FOR DEBTORS: Pay off any amount of debt you owe any individual or organization without spending your cash.


Advertise in various media without spending cash. Get unlimited advertising and marketing services in various media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV stations, Mobile, Internet; Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN etc) for your business or organization WITHOUT CASH COST.


Invest in new businesses and projects without the need for cash.


Grow or expand any business without cash. Extend your marketing or retail reach while reducing your cash outlays. Trade Exchange Leverage Will:

1. Market your product or service, 2. Find your new customers, 3. Generate more sales, 4. Increase your revenue, 5. Offset your cash costs, 6. Get you all the financing you need to start or expand your business/project/plan/deal, 7. Increase your business and personal assets, 8. Increase your business value, size and resources without cash cost


Acquire assets, properties, products, and services without cash cost to grow and expand your business. You can now acquire any type of asset (office equipment, accessories, machinery, office or residential accommodation, raw materials, cars, automobile, real estate, properties, domestic items, products/services etc.) at absolutely no cash cost or risk.


Monetize the excess capacity in your business. Realize value from under-performing assets. Every business must invest in the required space, equipment, people, etc., to provide their chosen goods and services. Most businesses cannot sell 100% of their capacity. Whether your business is large or small, chances are, it is NOT always operating at full capacity.

You cannot sell yesterday’s empty hotel rooms or empty airline seats today. You cannot sell yesterday’s airtime today. And you cannot put passengers on an airplane that left the USA half empty last week. You cannot talk about profits from your unsold inventory or your excess stock in your warehouse or store.

Empty tables at the restaurant, empty seats on an airplane, unoccupied hotel rooms, excess stock, slow-moving inventory, professionals with open appointments or idle time, under-utilized facilities or resources–these are spare capacity. More importantly, these represent lost revenue. Lost revenue is money down the drain. It is revenue that you can never recoup. Every business loses revenue in not being able to maximize its time, resources, capacity, inventory, or investments. This is where the Trade Exchange Leverage comes in.

If you own or manage a restaurant, a retail store, hotel, theatre, service business, professional practice, manufacturing company, airline, or any other type of business that would like to maximize the excess capacity in their business and could use more sales, we can help your company.


Solve all your problems lack of capital or undercapitalization, low sales revenue, low profit, unsold stock, surplus inventory, etc. — faster than you ever thought possible.


Connect and Partner with Local and Global businesses, Investors, Organizations and Government of other countries For greater business benefits, expansion, resources, connections, relationships and growth. Eliminate all the delays, hassles, frustration, uncertainty, disappointment, failure & cost of finding partners, increasing your product/service market reach, distribution channels, raising capital or getting investors/partners to finance your business or project


Access A Multidimensional Business Solution And Service Provider That Acts As your Business Consultant, Banker/Financial Services Expert, Marketer, Sourcing agent, Escrow agent, Transaction, Recorder, Fulfillment Provider, Business Negotiator, Merchant Account Services Provider, Business Broker, Joint, venture broker, Advertising agent, Asset solution management consultant, Import and Export Agent, Licensing Agent, Manufacturers’ Representative, Debt Recovery Agent, Asset Recovery Consultant, Liquidation Consultant/Solution Provider, And MUCH MORE, ALL COMBINED AND ROLLED into one indispensable and powerful business solution.


Get insurance service, architectural, engineering, accounting, legal service or whatever business or professional services you currently utilize without spending CASH


Enjoy unlimited Phone calls, Data services and SMS for your business and personal communication needs.


Receive FREE instant business line of credit up to 10 million Naira to boost your business TODAY.


Recruit the best programmers, graphic artists, App developers e.t.c without spending CASH.


Hire and retain the services of the most expensive and highly sort after experts, professionals and consultants to boost your business performance and profit without CASH cost


Be a business representative to several companies and earn a lifetime royalty/profit from ALL business transactions WITHOUT you getting involved in the running of the business.


Access thousands of well-established and well trained telemarketing and sales companies, commission only sales force, giant media brokerage companieswithout cash cost.


Get Books, Videos, Training, seminars, Workshops, Coaching Sessions, software e.t.c for constant personal and business improvement.


Business Travel made easy without cash burden; enjoy unlimited trips by Airplanes, Cars, Train, Ship for business and personal pleasure to your desired destination


How to purchase a Lincoln navigator jeep worth N40 Million for just N200,000 through the Trade exchange leverage.


How you can generate or save at least $250,000 in 7 days, using the Trade Exchange Leverage 100% GUARANTEED!


Case study: How a young man went from $350 in business capital to $1m+ per month income via Trade Exchange Leverage. And how you can use his model


How To Turn $28,000 Into $250,000 Per Month Or $3 million Per Year Income In 30 Days


How To Turn $50,000 Into $500,000 Per Month Or $6 million Per Year Income In 30 Days


How To Make over $3 million-$15 Million A Year Without Picking Up The Phone, Without Talking To Or Meeting Face To Face With Anybody, Without Lifting Your Finger, And Without Even Leaving Your House Or Office


File in your own customized needs/wants/demands. That’s right, there are well trained trade brokers who work tirelessly day and night to meet any specific and unique business and personal need/want/demand that you may have. So you are not limited to only what is currently available to grow and profit your business. And lots more benefits