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I have in my possession confidential reports on several well-known companies that employ Trade Exchange Leverage as their major business “edge/hedge” over the competition. One is a hotel chain. Another is an airline. One’s Real Estate Company. One’s Telecommunication giant. One’s a Media Network. Another’s a car company. One’s an electronics conglomerate and the last one’s a (seemingly) low-key bottling giant. I’m in a position to know the level of monster-sized profit that Trade Exchange Leverage has added to their bottom lines, and it’s in the Hundreds of millions and Billions.

Forget Everything You THINK You Know About Trade Industry.

It’s easy to be fooled by the mistaken notion that trading is only about trading like value for like value… the fat cats running the show want you to believe that the trade industry only works that way…

For example, “I give you A, in exchange for you giving me B…”For example, “I give you A, in exchange for you giving me B”

That type of direct trading transaction is what I less-than-affectionately call “Trading Chickens For Goats” and it’s the latest, most unimaginative, unprofitable form of the trade!

That’s not what I do… not even close…

Modern day trade industry is a totally different juicy sweet pie.

Trade Industry is now a trillion dollar business that is growing exponentially year after year…and each year it seems to get more “secret”.

Trade and Bartering as a form of commerce are actually older than money.

But the business of trade has changed with the times and grown more and more advanced right on pace with the way technology has advanced.

In fact, with the advent of the Internet, a whole world of new opportunities for profitably exploiting the trade and barter industry opened up – and it only gets better each year for those smart enough to take advantage.

Exploiting the trade industry for easy cash profits may just be the last, great money making opportunity on Earth. After all, there’s only so many ways you can slice a pie.