Problems/Challenges Of Most Businesses In Today’s Economy

Lack of capital/under capitalization to start or expand your business;

♦ Inadequate sales/customers, declining or near-zero sales revenue and profits;

♦ Excess Inventory, Slow Moving Products or Services, or Excess Business Capacity

♦ Inconsistent operational performance (i.e. financial ups and downs);

♦ Almost overwhelmingly high cost of running your business;

♦ Low revenue, low cash flow, low profits..;

♦ Debt portfolio with high interest rates

♦ Difficulty Collecting Money From Customers: experiencing cash flow problems due to difficulties collecting money from customers? Difficulty collecting money from customers is one of the top reasons for cash flow problems among businesses

♦Are You Watching Cash Flow Out The Door in Hopes of It Coming Back as Seasonal Sales are Made?

♦Are Weak Sales Causing Cash Flow Problems?

♦Lack of resources to support growth

♦Difficulty in finding new opportunities

♦ Difficulty getting serious cash-rich buyers/investors to buy out your business, products, franchise, Offers, assets or properties listed for sale?

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