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Make Crazy Sales And Profits From Your Business Despite The Bad Economy – Even If Your Target Customers Are Either Broke, “Osho-Free” Addicts, Stingy, Unresponsive, Skeptical Or Unwilling To Buy From You


You Can Achieve All These And More With The Brand NEW TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAG. Use The Trade Exchange Leverage To;

  1. Unlock Instant Cash Bonanza Right Under Your Nose …..When you have absolutely no money at all, start here.
  2. Monetize Your Skills, Services And Resources. And even earn from other people’s skills, products, services and resources.
  3. Barter Your Way To Immediate Cashless Riches…….. No need for your ATM card or Cash, just use your (or other’s peoples) products, services, assets and resources to trade for what you want or need WITHOUT spending Cash.
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  5. Uncover Instant Cash Windfall of #100,000 to #100,000,000–You Never Knew You Had.
  6. Use Trade Exchange Ecosystem To Build Wealth Without Spending Cash... This is an invite only platform where they help you buy, sell, trade, network, connect, profit and build wealth without any need for Cash !!!
  7. Get paid “special minimum wage” starting from…. # 470,000 per month with Trade Exchange Leverage

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Here are a few of the “goodies” you’ll get:

  • Sell Off All your products, services, assets, properties in 7 days or less
  • Get Business Loan To Start, Grow or Expand Your Business without collateral
  • Import and Export Products WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
  • Receive INSTANT Business line of credit up to 10 million Naira WITHOUT COLLATERAL to boost your business TODAY.
  • Get Up To 95% Discount on ALL your business / personal purchases to reduce expenses
  • Advertise In TV, Radio, Newspapers, Internet WITHOUT CASH COST !!!
  • Offset Any Amount Of Debt You Owe in 7 days or less
  • Create multiple streams of revenue and achieve sales and financial goals faster !!! …..
  • Plus, 1,000s MORE !!!

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    Dear Business owner

    In Nigeria today, Many of us are being crushed financially between the jaws of a deadly vise. On one side, poor economy, unemployment, low minimum wage, foreign competition and other economic maladies limit our ability to earn more. On the other side, our own government, through direct and indirect taxation, “politricks”, inflation, regulation, and other ruinous economic policies, makes the Naira we receive worth less and less.

    Most businesses like yours are constantly faced with at least one of the following challenges below:

    • Lack of sufficient finance to fund your business or project.
    • Inadequate sales, lack of customers, and declining or near-zero sales revenue.
    • Excess inventory, slow-moving products or services, or excess business capacity.
    • Low Revenue, low cash flow, and low profits.
    • Low response rate to your advertising and marketing.
    • Inconsistent business performance.
    • Traditional advertising and marketing is now more expensive than ever, while producing far fewer results than before.
    • High cost of running your business.
    • Difficulty getting serious cash-rich buyers/investors to buy out your business, products, Services, Franchise, Real Estate, assets or properties listed for sale.
    • Weak Sales Causing Cash Flow Problems.
    • Lapses, weaknesses and problems in your company’s marketing, advertising and sales systems that are limiting or/and negatively affecting Revenue and Profit growth in your business.
    • Struggling to survive, or on the verge of going out of business because of the above challenges…

    The harder you work the less result you see in your business. We are in a rat-race…. and the rats keep winning. No matter what you do or earn, your expenses keeps going up and making a nonsense of your hard work and income. Saving money for future use is constantly thwarted by ever increasing and predictable constant cash consuming expenses!

    Complaining about Buhari, Economy, Unemployment, Lack of Infrastructure, High Inflation, Exchange Rate, Politicians or NEPA won’t solve ANY thing. But what can we do?

    Use Trade Exchange Leverage

    Trade Exchange Leverage is “Money”, Asset, Financial Instrument, Legal Tender, Valid Currency, Purchasing Power. Trade Exchange Leverage is unlimited Purchasing Power as you are no longer limited by your Personal Capacity, Expertise, Knowledge, Experience, Industry, Business Type or even Country.

    Trade Exchange Leverage is a super Transformational Business Resources That helps individuals, SMEs, Professionals, Investors, Businesses, Government Anywhere in The World To Solve ANY and EVERY Money Problem WITHOUT USING CASH…

    No Matter what kind of solution you have tried before or even currently using, the Trade Exchange GUARANTEES FASTER, BETTER, REPEATABLE AND PERMANENT RESULTS.

    Trade Exchange Leverage helps you Generate And Save Cash, Attract More Customers, Increase Sales, Acquire Assets, Increase Your Purchasing Power, Pay For personal and Business Expenses, Boost Your Investment Capacity, Create More Income, Boost profit, Pay Bills, Pay school fees, Pay Transport fares, Pay House or Office rent, Pay Salaries, Pay Hospital bills and Much More… WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.


    You’re about to discover true MONEY LIBERATION… in a secretive and totally overlooked, but right-under-your-nose, yet ever existing and everyday marketplace. Big and Powerful Media Companies Around The World have Many Raging Endorsement Of The Trade Exchange…

    Media Endorsement

    Trade Exchange Is Purchasing Power – Just like Cash. But A far superior, more abundant, more valuable, yet faster, cheaper and easier to get and re-use purchasing power than CASH…  Trade Exchange Leverage works just like MONEY.

    But this is just a tiny aspect of its unique component.

    Remember that cash is a form of purchasing power and NOT the only purchasing power in the world. (Your Accountant and Economics teacher in school must have taught you this before now, so this is no longer news, but the question is how many other purchasing power do you currently utilize in your life and business TODAY)?

    Just the same way you use money to buy, sell, invest, pay bills and acquire assets etc. so also can you use the Trade Exchange Leverage for same purpose but at a far cheaper cost. Whatever you can buy with cash is the same thing you can buy using trade exchange and even more. TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAGE IS: ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY !!! The trade exchange is not just an alternative to cash, but it’s a far more superior alternative because having a “cashlike” attribute is only a fraction of its many features and benefits.

    Picture this scenario; If cash is a calculator, then the Trade Exchange Leverage is your personal super computer. A super computer has it’s inbuilt calculator yet still has more capabilities, features, programs, functions and applications in the main computer itself.

    With the ever increasing high cost of living in Nigeria today, one source of income is no longer enough. Having other sources of income is now an urgent necessity and the Trade Exchange Leverage will;

    With the ever increasing high cost of living in Nigeria today, one source of income is no longer enough. Having other sources of income is now an urgent necessity and the Trade Exchange Leverage will;

    • Enable You Create Additional Sources Of Income
    • Quickly Help You Multiply Your Sources of Income
    • Dramatically Increase The Frequency Of Your Income
    • Immediately Turn Your Financial Emergency Into An Overnight Income Opportunity
    • Help You develop a battle tested game-plan to enable you overcome any financial challenge
    • Equip You With Practical ways to immediately ease your Money burden when suddenly hit with a financial crisis (without borrowing or taking a bank loan).
    • With The Trade Exchange Leverage you’ll learn some tricks, tips, and cost-cutting strategies you need to start saving and earning emergency income.
    • Protect Your Income From Inflation, Scarcity, Devaluation and Limitation And even more.

    Trade Exchange Leverage helps you to Create Multiple Streams of Income, Conserve Cash and Gain Financial Freedom with No limits on your Income, No Cash Capital Required, No staff or office space, No disruption of your current business, No marketing or advertising or hawking products, No social media post and share, No Sponsoring, No Recruiting, No special Education, No database or mailing list and No Risk to you… And still produce SHOCKINGLY instant and consistent results faster than ANY solution known to man.

    Trade Exchange Leverage is The Ultimate way for anyone to survive and prosper in this terrible economy. If you want a game-changing breakthrough in your income , lifestyle, business connections, mindset, business, investment and wealth…

    Trade Exchange Leverage — is the answer.

    Stop paying CASH for products and services you use in business… you can easily use “TRADE EXCHANGE” instead and save a FORTUNE! Cash flow is a company’s most valuable asset and should be protected like Treasure Vault… because without cash flow…. you go bankrupt!

    We all know the saying, “…money saved is money earned”… but it’s never been truer than when you use Trade Exchange Leverage and the massive buying power of trade credit to Generate massive cash, conserve incredible amount of cash and cut expenses by as much as 80-95%!

    You get the very same quality goods, services, supplies and vendor support that you’re accustomed to… you just won’t be burning cash to get them anymore!

    Get the proven insider secrets that Fortune 500 companies and smart business owners have been using for centuries… even though they will never admit it! Stop Burning CASH On Your Everyday Expenses!

    You’ll gain INSTANT access to strategy, wisdom, collaboration, contribution, and connections not available anywhere else, to exponentially grow your business using Trade Exchange Leverage.


    Trade Is The Most Overlooked, Untapped Opportunity On Earth – Online or Offline… Making money with Trade Exchange is all about LEVERAGE…

    The “Trade Exchange Leverage” – Is The Most Powerful Business Resource In The World. You will have in your possession Instant Access To Unlimited Power and Endless Application Of The Trade Exchange Power!

    Trade exchange is like an all powerful genie; Unlike Disney Character genie that grants only three irreplaceable and irreversible wishes, the trade exchange grants unlimited, repeatable and unconditional wishes. The Trade Exchange Leverage Turns Your Business Into A Super Kick Ass Niche/Industry Dominating/Leading Business And A recession Defiling profit Producer ALL YEAR ROUND At A Very Low Cash Cost To you.

    The trade exchange can be applied in multiple ways and  in diverse situations;

    Trade Exchange works for just about any and every area of a Business! From Business Planning, to funding, to sales and marketing, to staff recruitment, to business supplies, to day to day expenses, to management, to acquisitions, etc. It applies to any and even every business situation.

    Trade Exchange Leverage is an All-In-One, Totally Complete, Easily Comprehensible, Globally Applicable And The Most in Depth Business and Financial Solutions That Enable Businesses Of ANY Size, ANY Industry or Sector, ANY Type of Business Anywhere In The World To Solve ALL Business and Financial Problems In 7 Days or Less…..The purpose of this once in a lifetime Super Transformational training is to help you to identify, create, multiply, monetize, optimize your own trade-able assets and currency while even legally explore other people’s resources you are also able to leverage which you can in turn use to buy, sell, purchase and invest as you usually do with money.

    ⇒ Finally – Something Different, Something Unique, Something That Actually Works For Putting Money In Your Bank Account Over & Over Again while you kiss your CASH problems Goodbye FOREVER! Here is what you are getting from the Trade Exchange Training and the Trade Exchange Exclusive Business Platform – The Most Powerful Business Platform In The World;

    Exactly What You’re Getting From The Brand New TRADE EXCHANGE TRAINING AND Exclusive Business Platform… Starting TODAY

    (1) Win instant business contract worth ₦10 Million up to ₦750 Million Guaranteed. No Godfather needed. No conditions attached.

    (2) Get Business finance to start or expand your Business/Project WITHOUT COLLATERAL.

    (3) RECEIVE EXPORTS/SUPPLY CONTRACTS FOR FUTURE SALES OF YOUR PRODUCTS OVER A 5 TO 20-YEAR PERIOD. This will help you maximize future production capacity. 100% of the work involved is done for you.

    (4) Get paid “special minimum wage” starting at…. ₦570,000 per month with Trade Exchange

    (5) Sell off your products, services, Franchises, Offers, Assets, and Properties in 7 days or less

    (6) Advertise your business in Newspapers, Radio, TV, Billboards, Online/Internet… WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

    (7) Pay Off every Business Debt you owe in 7 Days without spending cash

    (8) Pay School fees, Transport fares, House or Office rent, Staff Incentives, Hospital bills etc. WITHOUT SPENDING CASH

    (9) Legally “Print Your Own Currency” and use it to make any type of purchase you desire. There is no limit to what you can buy with your own currency! – Create your own currency out of thin air that have REAL CASH VALUE… this one is always a complete mind-blower for our clients – and it’s so simple you won’t believe it! You don’t need to be a central bank (but you can act like one) and this won’t cost you a single dime to do!

    (10) Import and Export Products WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

    (11) ELIMINATE ALL YOUR BUSINESS RISKS: Trade Exchange will help you to eliminate all business risks by hedging against pricing, currency fluctuation, counterparty, contract, financial, credit, market, liquidity, and operational risks. Eliminate the elements of uncertainty, failure, losses, and risks.

    (12) Create multiple streams of income WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

    (13) Acquire assets, properties, products, and services without cash cost to grow and expand your business. You can now acquire any type of asset (office equipment, accessories, machineries, office or residential accommodations, raw materials, cars, automobile, real estate, properties, domestic items, products, services, etc.) at absolutely no cash cost or risk.

    (14) ELIMINATE PAYMENT RISKS WITH REAL-TIME PAYMENT: Trade Exchange will get your account credited in real-time even for complex cross-border transactions in different countries. Trade Exchange will help you eliminate the risk and inefficiency of collecting on sales invoices.

    (15) Hedge your business against inflation, currency devaluation, multiple taxation and recessional economy.

    (16) Increase your Business Revenue and Profit By 1,000% to 10,000% in 60 days, with no risk, no extra expense on your part.

    (17) 100% RISK-FREE TRANSACTIONS FOR YOU – Sellers receive payments in advance of any products delivered. So there is no risk of non-payment. To ensure that buyers’ transactions are risk-free and insured against any losses, Trade Exchange will provide every buyer with a surety bond.

    (18) Receive INSTANT Business line of credit up to 500 million Naira WITHOUT COLLATERAL to boost your business TODAY.

    (19) Hire Artisans, Skilled Workers, Outsourced Staff, Handymen etc. WITHOUT SPENDING CASH

    (20) Learn How To Make over $1 million A Year Without Picking Up The Phone, Without Talking To Or Meeting Face To Face With Anybody, Without Lifting Your Finger, And Without Even Leaving Your House Or Office.

    (21) FOR CREDITOR ORGANIZATIONS: Collect bad debt the easy way. Recoup bad debts and convert toxic assets into cash flow streams in only 24 hours without the need for litigation, without using a solicitor, a debt recovery agency, or other hassle-full solutions. Convert your bad assets into immediate cash flow and profit streams in 24 hours. You can sell off your bad loans at or above their book value for immediate profit, in such a way that also allows you to benefit (profit) from any increase in the value of those assets in the future.

    (22) Get Instant access to secure business loan of $50,000 up to $500,000 in just one week. No collateral, no useless paper works required, no impossible to meet requirements; just your proof of address, your valid means of identification, email address and phone number.

    (23)MAKE INVESTORS And CLIENTS LINE UP AND PRACTICALLY BEG YOU TO TAKE THEIR MONEY FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN 7-21 DAYS. A proven way to get your prospective investors and clients to practically crawl across broken glass and beg you to invest in your Business, Products, Services, Properties, Assets, Franchise or licensing opportunity, without you talking to or meeting face to face with anybody, without lifting your finger, and without even leaving your house or office……..And get your products SOLD OUT IN 7 DAYS OR LESS GUARANTEED!!!

    (24) Get immediate access to a super size database of over Three Hundred thousands (300,000) verified investors and active business loan sources that will fund ANY Business/Project/Idea that you have. Irrespective of the amount you seek; whether it’s One Million Naira (N1,000,000) or its up to Ten Billion Naira (N10,000,000,000).

    (25) GET IMPORT AND EXPORT FINANCE AT 0% INTEREST RATE. Trade Exchange will provide you with zero-interest credit on imports or exports, and a full range of products and services for international trade.

    (26) TURN YOUR FORECAST INTO GUARANTEED INCOME Trade Exchange will help you forecast the future revenue of your business and to generate the estimated future income, within 24 hours.

    (27) Get Marketing, Finance, Accounting, ICT, Administrative, Insurance, Legal service or whatever Business or Professional services you currently utilize WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

    (28) Start, Grow or Expand any Business WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

    (29) MONETIZE EXCESS CAPACITY AND OPERATE AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY DAILY. Trade Exchange will help you to make FUTURE SALES up to the maximum production capacity of your facility in advance of any products or services rendered.

    (30) Convert your Skill, Space, time, expertise, knowledge, excess stocks to INSTANT CASH.

    (31) Access rare and confidential investment opportunities and get the unusual privilege of earning massive profits first even before you invest your time and money.

    (32) Hire and retain the services of the most expensive and highly sort after experts, professionals and consultants to boost your business performance and profit without CASH cost

    (33) Enjoy unlimited Phone calls, Data services and SMS for your business and personal communication needs.

    (34) Be a business representative to several companies and earn a lifetime royalty/profit from ALL business transactions WITHOUT you getting involved in the running of the business.

    (35) Learn How to purchase a Lincoln navigator jeep worth N50 Million for just N 200,000 through the Trade exchange leverage.

    (36) Generate or save at least $250,000 in 7 days, using the Trade Exchange Leverage ……………….100% GUARANTEED!

    (37) Case study: How a young man went from $350 in business capital to $1m+ per month income via Trade Exchange Leverage. And how you can use his model.

    (38) How To Turn $28,000 Into $250,000 Per Month Or $3 million Per Year Income In 30-60 Days

    (39) Increase your Purchasing power, Business and Investment capacity without painful and gut wrenching bank loans.

    (40) Expand your business and distribution channels, recruit qualified salesforce, and marketing team without cash cost.

    (41)Access over 940 Million qualified customers WITHOUT SPENDING CASH on marketing expenses.

    (42) Connect and Partner with Local and Global businesses, Investors, Organizations and Government of other countries For greater business benefits, expansion, resources, connections, relationships and growth……fast and easy!

    (43) Reduce Business and personal expenses by up to 90% without reducing expenditure items.

    (44) Solve all your problems -such as – lack of capital or under-capitalization, low customers, low sales revenue, low profit, unsold stock, surplus inventory, etc. — faster than you ever thought possible.

    (45) File In your customized and unique needs. The Trade Exchange is so flexible to consider and help you actualize your unique business and personal needs, from it’s vast and unending resources. No discrimination or prejudice against anyone whatsoever.

    Trade Is The Most Overlooked, Untapped Opportunity On Earth – Online or Offline… Making money with Trade Exchange is all about LEVERAGE…

    What if you are a student, unemployed or don’t have money to start your dream business?

    The Brand New Trade Exchange Leverage Training You will receive Today is fully loaded with UNLIMITED RESOURCES that will Help you to Make/Raise a lot of money fast… Even if you are stone broke, No experience, No Contacts/connections, No God father, No C.V and No idea no how to get started…

    You Can Create Wealth And Live Your Life With…

    • NO limits on your income
    • Near ZERO overhead, Near 100% margins
    • Organically growing income
    • No products, no inventory, no administrative hassles
    • Complete time freedom
    • Skyrocket the income of your own business, or get paid to help other

    With The Trade Exchange Training you will receive Today, You Can Ethically Leverage Other Peoples’ Resources For More Sales, Increased Revenue, Profit, Cash Flow, Business Expansion, Asset Acquisition, Freedom And Unlimited Opportunities Anytime, Anywhere — Even In A Poor Economy just like the current Nigerian Economy.

    The Brand New Trade Exchange Leverage Business Solution offers you the fastest, easiest, most effective and ultimate solution to solving the problems of lack of capital/under capitalization, low sales revenue, low profit, & problems of surplus/unsold stock/inventory etc. that businesses and organizations face worldwide.

    Here’s Why Trade Exchange is the most Underestimated, Misunderstood Multi-Trillion dollar industry in the Entire world… And why those running the show DO NOT want these secrets released To the Public!

    There is a very simple reason why the Trade industry is purposely kept in the dark and “under the radar”…

    The power brokers behind this Trillion dollar cash-cow industry purposely make sure very little quality information is ever made available “to the masses.”

    The truth is… the Trade Exchange industry consists of less then 500 true “players” – and the number is probably closer to only 200 if you drill all the way down to those who really set the pace for the trade business….

    This small but powerful cartel has been getting filthy rich with Trade Exchange Leverage for many years… and they don’t want you in the game. Why would they?

    From their perspective, what I teach is a HUGE threat to the balance of power that’s completely tilted in their favor!

    Experience for yourself how easy it is to get involved in a No-risk, high-profit cash-cow business – one that only gets bigger and better year after year…

    Scoop up my most highly-prized and insanely profitable secrets for ethically exploiting an ancient yet unpopular currency loophole and business strategy that very few people know anything about…

    You will enjoy all these benefits and many more…

    • WITHOUT any tedious task
    • WITHOUT risk disrupting or quitting your regular business
    • WITHOUT needing additional education, skill or cash cost
    • WITHOUT leaving your office or running around

    Because 99.8% of the work will be done for you by well-trained experts. The only 0.2% work you do is just to say what you need/want or submit your request/wish list.

    With these Jam-Packed bonuses for your enjoyment, even if all the witches and wizards in your village gather against your success, their effort will come to nothing as you will be armed with these battle tested resources that creates and guarantees financial success irrespective of your current condition or where you live..

    How Much Do You Need To Invest?

    If am giving you a hands on training and subsequent ₦10Million to ₦750Million Naira contract every year, it will be a worthy investment if i charge you at least 20% of the amount am going to generate for you, that can mean anything starting ₦2Million upwards!.

    To get premium value, you must be able to afford a good sum for investment! To give you a hint: Clients pay me a retainers fees of $7,500 per project to help them generate extra revenue start from N10Million to over ₦750Million every year! And am sure it’s not my handsome face alone that keeps them working with me all these years. They get results and value for their money!

    But to make it easier for you; I will let you control your own budget. Your business is unique, shouldn’t your budget be as well? Here are Four Investment Plans To choose From;

    (1) Pay just $199 TODAY and get ONLY the complete training package. Plus access to one full week of phone support. (Good choice). The is our EDUCATIONAL INVESTMENT PLAN. Though you still enjoy other benefits stated above, However, you won’t get access to the Trade Exchange Exclusive Business Platform, also you are only given guidance on how to access the business contracts starting from ₦10 Million – ₦750 million.

    (2) Pay just $997 TODAY To get TRAINING PACKAGE PLUS one full month of Support to help you get started (very good choice) This is our EDUCATIONAL INVESTMENT + HANDS-ON SUPPORT PLAN. You still enjoy other benefits stated above, However you won’t get access to the Trade Exchange Exclusive Business Platform, you are only given guidance on how to access the business contracts starting from ₦10 Million – ₦750 million.

    (3) Pay just $1,850 TODAY To get TRAINING, full support and help in implementing for one full year. (better choice). We are totally responsible for delivering the projected result based on our legally binding agreement. You will get INSTANT ACCESS to Trade Exchange Exclusive Business Platform, and also enjoy all the benefits and also enjoy one year business contracts starting from ₦10 Million – ₦750 million

    (4) Pay just $2,850 TODAY per annum and get complete training package, plus one year of full support while we also do everything on your behalf. We are totally responsible for delivering the projected result based on our legally binding agreement. You will get INSTANT ACCESS to the Trade Exchange Exclusive Business Platform, and enjoy all the benefits & 1 year business contracts starting from ₦10 Million – ₦750 million






    Not even your current condition, money shortage or low budget can STOP YOU.

    Remember that an investment starting from ₦15,500 or $29 TODAY makes sense for this kind of Transformational Resource. Anyone who desires to change his/her life for good knows that investing $24 above for such purpose is totally worth it when you consider the huge rewards that awaits you just a few days from now.

    So ACT NOW and sign up for a training investment plan TODAY. Your Bank Account And Family Will Thank You.

    Just imagine how proud they will be when you start generating 5-6 figure monthly additional income… No more worries about the rising cost of living, or ever increasing inflation, constant bills, huge family consumption, monthly expenses, your kid’s college expenses… ​etc.

    So Go To The Bank Now, make payment And Get Your training investment plan locked in TODAY

    Once again, Go And pre-order Whatever You Need to make your life more enjoyable; New Car, House, Clothes, Land, Shoes, Real Estate, Asset, Wrist Watch, Wine, TV, Jewelry, Ipad, etc. You will surely buy whatever you desire after landing this LIFE TRANSFORMING secrets. 


    • Price would be increased after APRIL 1st 2021
    • The free bonuses only applies to orders made today
    • You may never have this type of opportunity again after today.

    So, while you are still on this page…


    Pay to Guarantee Trust Bank PLC (GT Bank)

    Account Name:  Victor O. Ogwu
     Amount: $29 or ₦15,500
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    Pay to any branch of First Bank PLC nationwide.

    Account Name:  Victor O. Ogwu
    Amount: $ 29 or # 15,500
    Account Number:  3143-174-467

    After sending your notification email to us, your payment will be confirmed. And you will receive your training package and other instructions within the same 24 hours.

    After making your payment, send a confirmation email to with the Subject: ‘Payment Made’. Please include the following details in your email: Name, Phone number, Email-Address and, Contact Address, Payment slip number.

    Or you can send (through text message/sms) Your Name + Email + Teller number + Phone Number To 08035465691 or 0812-623-6493 or

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