If your business is looking to expand there are two traditional options: go to the bank for a loan or save enough from current sales to finance the project.

Trade Exchange Leverage offers an exciting third option: a way for you to use the value tied up in your own products and services to fund immediate growth.

As a Trade Exchange user you will be able to increase sales, develop new clients, convert excess capacity or inventory into new revenue, and acquire goods and services needed to conduct business.

Buying Advertising the Free or Low cash way.

Trade Exchange Leverage lets you exchange/barter your time, space, personnel or inventory for credit that you can use to fund advertising and marketing campaigns with no cash down.

There are a range of advertising outlets across the nation accepting Ormita. By becoming a regular trader you can budget a set amount of income against a once-off, or ongoing, advertising budget to attract cash-paying customers.

As an added bonus – advertising purchases made through Trade Exchange require no additional cash contributions by you to the sellerh

Other ideas to increase your market-share using Trade Exchange:

  • Buy new promotional material
  • Offer ‘gifts-with-purchase’
  • Renovate your business
  • Hire more salespeople
  • Get banners and flyers
  • Sell additional products and services acquired through Trade Exchange Leverage
  • Re-brand
  • Print and distribute more sales literature

Do you want to know more about growing your business and income using the Trade Exchange opportunity or become a trained Trade Exchange Business expert, joint venture partner or investor?  Visit our website at

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