Using Future Sales to Expand Your Business

Trade Exchange Leverage represents an exciting and profitable business opportunity if you are looking to expand yet are short on cash. By using Trade Exchange Leverage to trade your excess capacity, product or time you can buy goods and services at a discount, with your own credit line, and on better terms than you ever would with cash.

A Creative Way to Save Cash

Say that your business has decided it will attract more cash customers by rebranding, putting up new signs and giving the outside of the building a make-over at a cost of N 2,000,000.

Traditionally you would pay for these expenses out from borrowed money or existing cash savings. Using Trade Exchange Leverage, however, you can produce N 2,000,000 worth of gift certificates and on-sell these through the Trade Exchange network, and obtain, in return, vouchers for N 2,000,000 work of needed work.

No matter what business you in, you should be selling a product or service which costs you less to make than its market value. If you are a clothing shop, the items you sell cost you a fraction of their retail sale price. If you are a restaurant then the food you prepare costs you less to make then you sell it for. The same rule applies to any business.

This process of trading certificates for your product or service allows you to immediately lower the true cost of the things you need, while allowing you to pay for them later, at low or free interest.

Keeping the Difference

As with most certificates, a certain percentage of your certificates will never be used. You got paid when you sold the certificate so it does not matter to you if not all of them are represented back to your business.

A restaurant may issue N 5,000,000 worth of certificates in N10,000 increments yet the meals may only be N9,0000 each, with the balance of each certificate being kept by the restaurant. In other cases, the certificate may simply be lost or forgotten.

Earning Additional Cash

Let’s say you are a hotel which issues N 20,000,000 worth of certificates in N 20,000 lots. People staying at your hotel may earn you additional cash in food, beverage and miscellaneous sales over and above the value of the certificate they purchased from you.

Creating Loyalty

Trade Exchange clients who purchase your gift vouchers have committed themselves to making a purchase from your business. By providing them with exceptional customer service you increase the possibility that they may return on an ongoing basis, or may refer additional customers to you.

Adding to Your Local Growth

If you operate a local branch or run a franchise operation there may be a great deal of attention paid to how you can increase your total gross while reducing your overheads. Trade Exchange allows you to make additional sales at a fraction of what it would cost to attract these new customers in the cash market.

Converting Future Sales to Immediate Cash

Trade Exchange Leverage offers a range of products and services that you can acquire which can be sold or “converted” to cash at a fee well above the cost of acquiring them.

A florist may buy boxes of chocolates or stuffed toys for onsell. A hairdresser may purchase shampoo and conditioner. A car yard may sell gift certificates for valet services and so on.

Even if you were to sell the products you purchase for less than retail you are still making a profit. A Spanish television station once traded Chrysler Corporation advertising for cars. The station onsold these cars to its employees at a 30 percent discount below the cars’ normal sticker price.

The network was trading $1 million dollars of future air time with a new customer in return for $700,000 dollars of real cash. The airtime cost nothing and would likely have gone unused if they had not accepted the deal.

Creating Credit With low or no Interest

Through trading gift certificates for things you need you are effectively producing your own interest free money.

You take delivery of the things you need now and pay for them much, much later. Until your gift-certificates are redeemed there is no additional material costs as you are not yet providing any product or service.

Trading Vouchers as a Promotional Tool

Lets say you want to fund a new promotion but need the additional cash to do it. What better way than using Trade Exchange Leverage to help you trade your own vouchers for additional advertising, marketing or customer rewards?

The opportunities are endless. You can give away holidays, offer your staff sales bonuses, create customer incentive schemes, give away gifts with every purchase or treat your family and friends on special occasions – all from future sales, not existing cash.

There is No Cash Outlay for the Trade Exchange Service

As part of our sales process, we encourage you to sell your gift certificates at a minimum of 10% cash with the balance being paid to you in credit which you can use with our merchants.

The money you receive covers our fees and allows you to receive cash-up-front even though you will not redeem the certificates until a later date.

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