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TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAGE :-   Is a Super Tranformational Business Resource That Helps Individuals, SMEs, Professionals,Investors, Businesses, Government Any Where In The World To Solve ANY and EVERY Money Problem WITHOUT USING CASH…No Matter what kind of solution you have tried before or even currently using, the Trade Exchange GUARANTEES FASTER,BETTER, REPEATABLE AND PERMANENT RESULTS.

 Trade Exchange Leverage helps you: Save Cash. Attract More Customers. Increase Sales, Acquire Assets, Pay For personal and Business Expenses, Create More Income, Boost profit and Much More…..WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.


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Based on true life experiences,TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAGE debunks the ancient myth that “You need (LOTS OF) money to make money”.

Whether you’re an underpaid and overworked employee -or even if your business is presently stuck in the mud, OR you’re just finishing your NYSC and you don’t want to take a job (even though your willpower is slowly fading, because…OF cash), this book will set you on the path to finally starting, growing and expanding ANY profitable business WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

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Trade Exchange Is Purchasing Power. A far superior, more abundant, more valuable, yet faster, cheaper and easier to get purchasing power than CASH.
Trade Exchange Leverage works just like MONEY. But this is just a tiny aspect of its unique component.

Remember that cash is a form of purchasing power and NOT the only purchasing power in the world.(Your Accountant and Economics teacher in school must have thought you this before now, so this is no longer news, but the question is how many other purchasing power do you currently utilize in your life and business TODAY)? Just the same way you use money to buy, sell, invest, pay bills and acquire assets e.t.c so also can you use the Trade Exchange Leverage for same purpose but at a far cheaper cost. Whatever you can buy with cash is the same thing you can buy using trade exchange and even more. The trade exchange is not just an alternative to cash, but it’s a far more superior alternative because having a “cashlike” attribute is only a fraction of its many features and benefits.

Picture this scenario; If cash is a calculator, then the Trade Exchange Leverage is your personal super computer. A super computer has it’s inbuilt calculator yet still has more capabilities, features, programs, functions and applications in the main computer itself.

Trade Exchange Leverage helps you to Create Multiple Streams of Income, Conserve Cash and Gain Financial Freedom with No limits on your Income, No Cash Capital Required, No staff or office space, No disruption of your current business, No marketing or advertising or hawking products, No social media post and share, No Sponsoring, No Recruiting, No special Education, No database or mailing list and No Risk to you…..And still produce SHOCKINGLY instant and consistent results faster than ANY solution known to man.

Trade Exchange Leverage is The ultimate way for anyone to survive and prosper in this terrible Economy.   

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Trade Exchange Leverage — is the answer.

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Cash flow is a company’s most valuable asset and should be protected like Treasure Vault… because without cash flow….you go bankrupt!

We all know the saying, “…money saved is money earned”… but it’s never been truer than when you use Trade Exchange Leverage and the massive buying power of trade credit to conserve cash and cut expenses by as much as 80-95%!

You get the very same quality goods, services, supplies and vendor support that you’re accustomed to… you just won’t be burning cash to get them anymore!

Get the proven insider secrets that Fortune 500 companies have been using for decades… even though they will never admit it!

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Here are a few of the “goodies” you’ll get:

  • Start, Grow and Expand ANY Business without spending and wasting your hard earned CASH

  • Legally “Print Your Own Currency” and use it to make any type of purchase you desire. There is no limit to what you can buy with your own currency! – Create your own currency out of thin air that have REAL CASH VALUE… this one is always a complete mind-blower for our clients – and it’s so simple you won’t believe it! You don’t need to be a central bank (but you can act like one) and this won’t cost you a single dime to do!

  • Discover How You Can Now Get The Money You Need to start or expand Any SME Business or Project even if you have NO COLLATERAL SECURITY to pledge….Eliminate all the delays, hassles, frustration, uncertainty, disappointment, failure & cost of raising capital or getting investors/partners to finance your business or project and…Get All The Money You Need To Expand Or Start Any Business Or Execute Any Idea, Project, Contract, Opportunity, Deal It does not matter whether the amount you need is as little as N 100,000 or as much as N 100 Billion

  • Payoff Any Amount Of business Debt You Owe in 7 days or less

  • Acquire any type of Asset, Property, Product, Service or Franchise WITHOUT SPENDING CASH

  • Pay School fees, Transport fares, House or Office rent, Salaries, Hospital bills e.t.c WITHOUT SPENDING CASH

  • Stop sleepless nights, panicking and worrying about your next sale or where your next paying client will come from, rather utilize a completely automated sales and marketing system that produces customers and cash for you on demand; anytime and every time.

  • Supplement or quit your energy sapping, time consuming, destiny destroying and life sucking 9-5 job with addition minimum wage starting from N450,000 per month while you work part time


  • Import and Export Products WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
  • Get Up To 95% Discount on ALL your business / personal purchases to reduce expenses

  • How to bullet proof your business from poor economy like the current Nigeria economy — Increase  your Business Sales, Revenue and Profit even in a recessional economy. Survive and Prosper without losing your peace of mind.

  • Convert your Skill, Time, Expertise, Knowledge, Space, Excess stocks to INSTANT CASH

  • Generate or save at least $250,000 in 7 days, using the Trade Exchange Leverage ……………….100% GUARANTEED!

  • Receive INSTANT Business line of credit up to 200 million Naira WITHOUT COLLATERAL to boost your business TODAY

  • Solve all your problems -such as – lack of capital or under capitalization, low customers, low sales revenue, low profit, unsold stock, surplus inventory, etc. — faster than you ever thought possible

  • Cherry Pick Then Flip High Ticket Services and Offers From Popular Internet Freelance websites – I show you how I transform other people’s hard work into FAST, EASY INCOME… This one stealth tactic alone is worth thousands toward your bottom line… especially if you’re lazy or low on cash!

  • Why A Sweet Sounding Word Like “Breakage” Is A GOOD Thing – So few people know about this… which is why you’ll be able to put it to work for a massive competitive advantage…

  • Leverage The Difference Between Cash & Trade – it’s seller’s market in the Trade Industry… and with the economy the way it is, the cash market is definitely a buyer’s market. Discover how I exploit this difference… and flip the equation completely in my favor…

  • Connect and Partner with Local and Global businesses, Investors, Manufacturers, Organizations and Government of other countries For greater business benefits, expansion, resources, connections, relationships and growth……fast and easy!

  • Create multiple streams of revenue and achieve sales and financial goals faster !!!

  • Plus, Many MORE Exciting Benefits For You To Enjoy!!!

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