TRADE EXCHANGE LEVERAGE: The Ultimate Solution For Anyone To Prosper In This Terrible Recession

Trade Exchange Leverage :

Trade Exchange Leverage is a proprietary solution that help Start Up Businesses, professionals, investors, business owners, SMEs and consultants who want to grow, expand and build wealth WITHOUT SPENDING CASH but by leveraging already existing business assets and other peoples’ business resources to build wealth and achieve success. Trade Exchange Leverage help you: Save Cash. Attract Customers. Increase Sales, Boost profit and much more…..WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

In Nigeria today, Many people are being crushed financially between the jaws of a deadly vise. On one side, poor economy, unemployment, low minimum wage, foreign competition and other economic maladies limit our ability to earn more. On the other side, our own government, through direct and indirect taxation, “politricks“,  inflation, regulation, and other ruinous economic policies, makes the Naira we receive worth less and less.
Caught between these two jaws, we suddenly realize that we are not living as well as we thought we would. We are not enjoying life as much as we thought we should. The harder you work the less result you see in your business. We are in a rat-race…. and the rats keep winning.  No matter what you do or earn, your expenses keeps going up and making a nonsense of your hard work and income. Saving money for future use is constantly thwarted by ever increasing and predictable constant cash consuming expenses!

Complaining about Buhari, Economy, Unemployment, Lack of Infrastructure, High Inflation, Exchange Rate, Politicians or NEPA won’t solve ANY thing.  But what can we do?
Use Trade Exchange Leverage

Trade Exchange Leverage helps you to Create Multiple Streams of Income, Conserve Cash and Gain Financial Freedom with No limits on your Income, No Cash Capital Required, No staff or office space, No disruption of your current business, No marketing or advertising or hawking products, No social media post and share, No Sponsoring, No Recruiting, No special Education, No database or mailing list and No Risk to you…..And produce instant and consistent results faster than ANY solution known to man.

Trade Exchange Leverage is The ultimate way for anyone to survive and prosper in this terrible Economy.

If you want a game-changing breakthrough in your Income, Mindset, Business, Investment and wealth…

Trade Exchange Leverage — is the answer.


Trade Exchange Leverage is an All-In-One, Totally Complete, Easily Comprehensible, Globally Applicable And The Most in Depth Business and Financial Solutions That Enable Businesses Of ANY Size, ANY Industry or Sector, ANY Type of Business Anywhere In The World To Solve ALL Business and Financial Problems In 7 Days or Less………..

(1) Win instant business contract worth # 7 Million up to # 500 Million Guaranteed. No conditions attached

(2) Get Business finance to start or expand your Business/Project in one week
(3) Get paid “special minimum wage” starting at…. #570,000 per month with Trade Exchange

(4) Sell off your products, services, Assets, and Properties in 7 days or less
(5) Advertise your business in Newspapers, Radio, TV, Billboards, Internet… WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
(6) Pay Off every Business Debt you owe in 7 Days without spending cash
(7) Pay School fees, Transport fares, House or Office rent, Salaries, Hospital bills e.t.c WITHOUT SPENDING CASH  (8)  Legally “Print Your Own Currency” and use it to make any type of purchase you desire. There is no limit to what you can buy with your own currency! – Create your own currency out of thin air that have REAL CASH VALUE… this one is always a complete mind-blower for our clients – and it’s so simple you won’t believe it! You don’t need to be a central bank (but you can act like one) and this won’t cost you a single dime to do!

(9) Import and Export Products WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
(10) Convert your Skill, Space, time, expertise, knowledge, excess stocks to INSTANT CASH
(11) Acquire any type of Asset, Property, Product, Serivce or Franchise WITHOUT SPENDING CASH
(12) Get Marketing, Finance, Accounting, ICT, Administrative, Insurance, Legal service or whatever Business or Professional services you currently utilize WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
(13) Receive INSTANT Business line of credit up to 100 million Naira WITHOUT COLLATERAL to boost your business TODAY.
(14) Hire Artisans, Skilled Workers, Outsourced Staff, Handymen e.t.c WITHOUT SPENDING CASH

(15) Access over 740 Million customers WITHOUT SPENDING CASH on marketing expenses
(16) Increase your Business Revenue and Profit By 1,000% to 10,000% in 60 days, with no risk, no extra expense on your part.
(17) Start, Grow or Expand any Business WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.
(18) Get immediate access to a super size database of over Three Hundred thousands (300,000) verified investors and active business loan sources that will fund ANY Business/Project/Idea that you have. Irrespective of the amount you seek; whether it’s One Million Naira (N1,000,000) or its up to Ten Billion Naira (N10,000,000,000).

(19) Reduce Business and personal expenses by up to 90% without reducing expenditure items
(20) Create multiple streams of income WITHOUT SPENDING CASH
(21) Get up to 90% discount on all your purchases to reduce expenses
(22) Hire and retain the services of the most expensive and highly sort after experts, professionals and consultants to boost your business performance and profit without CASH cost
(23) Enjoy unlimited Phone calls, Data services and SMS for your business and personal communication needs.
(24) Be a business representative to several companies and earn a lifetime royalty/profit from ALL business transactions WITHOUT you getting involved in the running of the business.
(25) Learn How to purchase a Lincoln navigator jeep worth N50 Million for just N 200,000 through the Trade exchange leverage.
(26) Generate or save at least $250,000 in 7 days, using the Trade Exchange Leverage ……………….100% GUARANTEED!
(27) Case study: How a young man went from $350 in business capital to $1m+ per month income via Trade Exchange Leverage. And how you can use his model
(28) How To Turn $28,000 Into $250,000 Per Month Or $3 million Per Year Income In 30-60 Days
(29) Learn How To Make over $1 million A Year Without Picking Up The Phone, Without Talking To Or Meeting Face To Face With Anybody, Without Lifting Your Finger, And Without Even Leaving Your House Or Office

(30) Connect and Partner with Local and Global businesses, Investors, Organizations and Government of other countries For greater business benefits, expansion, resources, connections, relationships and growth……fast and easy!

(31) Get Instant access to secure business loan of $50,000 up to $500,000 in just one week. No collateral, no useless paper works required, no impossible to meet requirements; just your proof of address, your valid means of identification, email address and phone number
(32) Solve all your problems -such as – lack of capital or undercapitalization, low customers, low sales revenue, low profit, unsold stock, surplus inventory, etc. — faster than you ever thought possible

………And much more Exciting Benefits For You to Enjoy!!! ….100% GUARANTEED

Trade Exchange Leverage Is A Closely Guarded Business Secret That Ethically Leverage Other Business/Peoples’ Resources For More Sales, Increased Revenue, Profit, Cash Flow, Business Expansion, Asset Acquisition, Freedom And Unlimited Opportunities — Even In A Bad Economy

You will enjoy all many benefits without any tedious task, without risk disrupting or quitting your regular business, without leaving your office or running around Because 99.8% of the work will be done for you by well-trained experts. The only 0.2% work you do is just to say what you need/want or submit your request/wish list.

Problems/Challenges Of Most Businesses In Today’s Economy:

♦ Lack of capital/under capitalization to start or expand your business.

♦ Inadequate sales, customers or near-zero sales revenue and profits.

♦ Inconsistent operational performance (i.e. financial ups and downs).

♦ Excess Inventory, Slow Moving Products or Services, or Excess Business Capacity

Finally – Something Different, Something Unique, Something That Actually Works For Putting Money In Your Bank Account Over & Over Again

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